After Service

Service concept
Service concept: the five-star service, perfect!
Smile: Passing considerate heart to heart with a smile!
Shortcut: repair and maintenance services quickly!
Professional: to provide customers with professional and quality service!
Sincerely: sincere, frank and moving customers from the bottom of my heart!
Thoughtful: attentive service, solve your worries !
Service Introduction
   Hello Dear user:
     Thank you for using the Company's production of electric vehicles.
     In order to effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, please keep your warranty card, purchase invoice or warranty card holders can sell the car to sell units or units designated car service station to get the appropriate services.
A warranty
1. When you purchase, please vehicle inspection on the spot and the right to require sales staff to provide effective bills and warranty cards, and full address and contact phone repair units.
2, after the car, you should carefully read the manual, to master the correct use and routine maintenance precautions, if the bike / light electric vehicles to people who do not understand the use of the method to use should be explained, in order to avoid accidental damage.
3, please use the product manual for correct operation.
Second, the warranty conditions: see attached "" three guarantees "standard warranty with Warranty"
Third, the warranty does not belong to the scope and content
1, the user is not in accordance with the "manual" provision, maintenance and adjustment caused by the failure.
2, user-modification, repair the damage caused by the demolition, and the use of non-compliance with the provisions of the fault caused.
3, the user fault accidents caused by improper storage or.
4, no warranty card, ticket or ticket inconsistent thing.
5, wearing parts, consumables is not a "three guarantees."
6, please understand when consumers buy quality appearance after use due to the appearance of damage not covered by the warranty.
7, self-demolition of damaged pieces outside the range specified in the instructions.
8, without special maintenance unit agreed to repair the damage caused.
Fourth, the warranty principles
Outside the warranty failure and after the warranty period is still a major piece of the company responsible for the repair.