Career Planning

Career Planning
Today is a good company Qinglong, Qinglong future will be a large company with excellent international perspective; today Keiryu contributed excellent products, the future will contribute outstanding cultural Qinglong; today Keiryu down to earth person, who will be the future of Qinglong indomitable spirit. Keiryu talent strategy to create a first-class international brand as the goal.
Competition and selection and appointment of channel management
Focusing on communication and advanced enterprises at home and abroad, send staff to the advanced study tour companies and well-known universities, corporate strategy, international business, capital, human resource management, management information, training with the complex structure of knowledge management team of experts.
Technical personnel job promotion channel
Technology leading talent and technology leaders, State Key Laboratory to conduct research, training, and with issues at home and abroad to participate in the exchange of visits, and the international advanced enterprise technical exchanges to improve the level of business and technological innovation, technology training and influential field of international steel expert team of technical specifications set sequence positions, the formation of professional and technical personnel for promotion channels.
Development of highly skilled channel
Staff capacity building project implementation skills, strengthen a post pluripotent, special post qualification training, recommended excellent staff "blue collar double certificate" training, participate in the selection of the operator training, learning, study, strengthen technical trick and typical case exchange operations in the production business skill training in key positions, superb master tricks that can teach skills of highly skilled personnel.
Established professional standards, technicians and senior technicians evaluation methods, as well as high level of sequence and job skills to operate the highly skilled personnel to improve treatment methods, to ensure smooth flow of highly skilled personnel development, stimulate highly skilled personnel to improve the quality of skills initiative