Taizhou Qinglong Vehicle Co., Ltd, founded in 2003, is located in China's motorcycle electric car manufacturing capital - a Taizhou. The company set the electric car research and development, production and sales, the factory building area of 10,000 square meters; the company has configured sophisticated vehicle production assembly lines, has applied coordinate detecting CAD / CAM computer-aided design room, vehicle technology development Center, is the first national industrial production permit acceptance of the company, etc., forming advanced facilities, complete research and development process, the detection system. The principle of "high starting point, high-quality, heavy service", brought together a group of elite has a skilled high-tech talent. Highly responsible for assembling the team, with the annual export of 60,000 vehicles in export capacity.

The company has put in hundreds of domestic and foreign markets innovative style and excellent performance of electric vehicles. The company diversified marketing model in the country to establish a more comprehensive sales service system, with distributors and sales outlets in all provinces, in accordance with the requirements of service in all provinces and cities set up three bags of parts library, foreign sales , three bags of service personnel more than 150 people. Series of best-selling products and exported abroad.

Qinglong car industry, the implementation of quality strategy, pay close attention to product quality, create well-known brands. We always adhere to the "quality first, users first" purpose, has made lSO9001: 2000, CCC certification, CE certification; tribute quantity management system certification. Management more standardized and scientific, so that enterprises in a more positive and healthy direction.

The company would like Bong "quality first, casting brand" business purposes, and always adhere to the principle of manufacturing and service mission of the interests of consumers, weight management, heavy, heavy development, manufacturing advantages of electric vehicles by years, and carefully as universal friend production cost excellent leisure, means of transport.