Contribution to national industry, creating a well-known brand

LOGO logo double "K" overlap, the use of green, with environmental protection, science and technology, energy, light, and soft, rounded peripheral logo represents the pro-business products and personalized features, is for the sake of consumers Qinglong, intentions, satisfaction reflect the service.

Keiryu logo whole young fashion, reveal a vibrant atmosphere, a stable three-dimensional forms thick, increase the visual impact flags, and a symbol of product quality, highlight "the contribution of the national industry, creating famous brand" spirit of enterprise philosophy

Quality of life a new direction

Taglines quality of life in a new direction, to consumers seeking a reliable sense of trust, rely on a sense of emotional appeal, products using better quality materials, sophisticated workmanship, so durable; and with advanced technology and thoughtful security to protect users travel continuously improve the quality of life of consumers, driving consumers wonderful life。


Keiryu by the first letter of the English name of the enterprise "KEIRYU" The "K" as the main element,The name reflects the Qinglong property, but also the shape of W,The expression of a will to win and confidence in the future。