1、To the dedicated charger, do not arbitrarily replace the charger。
    Charger parameters are different models are not the same with the basic,In the absence of certainty, when not arbitrarily replace the charger。If you must charge the two,It is best to call in a specialist service department store in Qinglong with a special charger。

2、Protect Chargers。
    Chargers are designed not as a car charger design,So now the Chargers basically intolerant strong vibration,So do not put the charger general electric bike in the trunk and basket。If there are special circumstances that must be moved,Also make the charger packed with foam,Prevent vibration and bumps occur。After a lot of vibration through the charger,Its internal potentiometers will drift,Making the entire parameter changes,Resulting in abnormal state of charge。Also note that the charging time to keep the charger ventilation,Otherwise it will not only affect the life of the charger,Affecting the state of charge may also occur by thermal drift,This will damage the battery formation。(Chargers General Instructions are involved)

3、Handling charge。
    Even if you do not continue the mileage requirements for long,One charge can be used 2-3 days,We recommend that you charge every day,This allows the battery in the light cycle,The battery life will be extended。Some of the early use of mobile phone users think is best to recharge the battery after the basic use of finished,This view is wrong,Lead-acid batteries and memory efficiency is not so strong。Often put electricity and then charge the battery life is relatively large impact on。Charger indicator lights indicate a full charge after,Battery power may be charged into the 97% to 99%。Although owe only charge 1% to 3% of the electricity,Impact on the continued ability of the line is almost negligible,But also form due to charge accumulation,So the battery is fully charged after lights change or proceed as floating charge,Inhibition of sulfide battery is also good。Basic does not float charging power。

4、Timely charge。
    After the battery discharge curing process begins,Usually in 12 hours beginning,There have been significant sulfide crystals。Timely charge,You can clear crystalline sulfide is not serious,If not promptly charged,These sulfide crystals will gradually accumulate to form coarse crystals,Will gradually decline in battery capacity,Shorten the battery life。So in addition to a daily charge,Also note that the use should be promptly charged is over,As far as possible so that the battery is in full status。

5、Periodic deep discharge。
    A deep discharge battery regularly is also conducive to "activate" battery,You can slightly improve the battery capacity。The general approach is,On a regular basis once the battery is fully discharged。The method is fully discharged flat surface under normal load conditions to ride to the first voltage protection。Watch out:In particular, we emphasize the first undervoltage protection。After the first battery voltage protection,Battery after a period of time,Voltage will rise,Brown has returned to a non-state,If we use the battery at this time,Battery damage is very large。After the completion of full discharge,The battery is fully charged。Will feel the battery capacity has improved。

6、Develop some good habits of saving。
    Possible use of slide。Follows the slope of the time,As far as possible in advance of the use of power-off glide deceleration。When about to encounter traffic lights into the taxi in advance,Minimize brake。

    Start time,Slowly turn the switch to,Such relatively safe,Avoid large current impact on the battery,And can reduce the loss of battery power and life damage。

7、Note charging environment。
    Currently electric car charger is designed in accordance with the ambient temperature of 25 ℃,Therefore, the charge at 25 ℃ is better。The ambient temperature is actually relatively small at 25 ℃, when,This is bound to have summer and winter due to overcharge charging problem。So when charging,The best battery and charger arrangements ventilated room environment and the use of。(Indoor air better place)

    Special Note:The battery in the northern winter low temperatures outdoors into a warm room when,Surface of the battery will appear frost condensation。To avoid battery leakage caused by frost condensation,Should the battery temperature rises to close to room temperature and dried again after charging。

8、Make full use of the maintenance condition
    Keiryu electric car dealers can provide battery testing and maintenance services,Should take advantage of these services。As:Regular battery maintenance,Can reduce the damage to the battery。The battery state of charge of the repair can alleviate the "battery backward" failure,These dealers for Luyuan is a breeze。For water loss,In 70% of the battery capacity when the battery capacity than pay 40% of the time better than replenishment。And so,Consumers should make full use of battery maintenance conditions for extended battery life increase。

    By these methods,Users can greatly extend battery life。Some users continue the mileage is relatively short,Relatively long battery life,Some problems are relatively difficult to find。And so,An effective way to "deep discharge" Measures mentioned earlier is the timely detection of battery problems(Determine the battery to continue the mileage),Do not wait for the battery when it is a serious problem to repair,As it is difficult to deal with。