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Cars, electric car was flooded how to do?

Cars, electric car was flooded how to do, Buffett typhoons and storms to the people living in many places caused a lot of damage, the road into a river in the part of the city, roads water seriously, a lot of cars were flooded, many owners want to know the car was flooded how to do, such as how to deal with wading flame, electric vehicles water Xiaobian Summary details of how to do this and interviewed Zhejiang Luyuan electric Vehicle Co. engineer to look at the car, the electric car was flooded how to do it.
When the vehicle stalled wading how to deal with?
Vehicle stalled when wading three reasons:
1、Water through the engine intake air into the cylinder body inside  2、Water into the exhaust pipe
3、. Electrical system shorted flooding
Generally, vehicle handling points through the place where the water is: high torque, low speed through to a block and a moderate throttle through the water area (automatic transmission gear or a vehicle linked to L block). Generally recommended depth exceeds the lower edge of the bumper will not take risks by, because it will provoke water waves, the water at this time when the vehicle is easy to pass into the engine intake mechanism inside the cylinder. Since water is a liquid, with incompressible, if the engine is running into the cylinder, compressed water will have a huge reaction, resulting in rod breakage, deformation of the crankshaft, cylinder burst or other failures. Another engine suddenly is: As the vehicle after the engine speed when the water is low, resulting in water entering the exhaust pipe of the engine exhaust caused by poor flameout. Do not try the ignition point, should first call the tow truck rescue. Because most likely water inside the engine cylinder at this time, once the mandatory engine is running, it will cause more serious trouble.
After wading car, chassis parts prone to the problem of oil deterioration, especially in the gearbox, manual gearbox relatively good deal, but the automatic transmission is more "fragile", and later in the automatic transmission water, may feel that time does not come out when certain mileage solenoid valve malfunction. Of vehicles gear lock, or do not go in gear and so on. If we do not rule out there that could cause friction plates and automatic with injuries.
Some vehicles are paving the way plastic car, the car in order to facilitate the evaporation of water, we should dismantle and plastic. Also note that after installing the open air, the switch to adjust to the inner loop mode, so that inside the steam discharged through the air conditioning system of the car, in order to achieve quick-drying effect.
Vehicle was blisters over how to deal with?
Time is money, so-called because of flood damage car repair time dragged on longer, the maintenance cost will get. Because modern cars have with the electronic control system (for example, the engine ECU, ABS system, SRS system, GPS satellite navigation, etc.), in case the water situation will cause the computer ECU IC internal short circuit board and plug terminals produce rust, and then slowly rust on the metal part of the phenomenon, the circuit generates bad phenomenon, serious, or even cause a short circuit burned phenomenon, so if your car soaked Unfortunately, try increasing the timeliness promise, plant yourself or your service technician to come treatment, more of a time to deal with, a little less money loss。

Vehicle is immersed in water, the first time notification of underwriting insurance company. As the report says, require underwriting insurance company staff or a third-party site survey commissioned by assessors. However, under normal circumstances, when the insurance company is faced with a large number of cases of flooded cars, and often can not be rushed to the scene, you can ask the insurance company, the owner or the insurer or cell phone with a camera to take pictures of the scene as the flooding situation claims evidence.
Before the arrival of the rescue trailer, the first time it is best to disconnect the vehicle's battery power, usually disassemble the negative terminal of the battery pile, transmission gear selection in the neutral position. So as to avoid erroneous operation during start-trailer, the expansion of the vehicle loss.
It is the key, since it is often a trailer when the trailer, you need to use the key to unlock the steering wheel of the vehicle's mechanical pin locking mechanism, but at the same time to unlock, will turn on electrical power switch to the vehicle electrical power. We all know that electrical flooding, loss of power after the self-evident.
Many owners are most concerned about a friend immediately called the trailer, the vehicle onto the repair station. But because many customers need rescue service stations, may delay the best time to rescue trailer. Owners of a friend may wish to require the insurance company to tow assistance, many insurance companies have the free assistance of the project, so the majority of owners also eliminates the need to call a friend's trailer trailer fees. More importantly, in terms of claims, at least as the owners do proper and timely implementation of the rescue vehicle, the vehicle for a long time in the water to avoid the "bubble." "If the vehicle in the water for a long time because of the 'immersion' caused damage to electronic components, in the claims because the owner may be exclusions not timely rescue." The large number of first time to make friends with the owners of service stations AC repair issues.
Expensive car, after being flooded, the need for vigilance, although electric vehicles affordable than a car, but then flooded, but also need to understand their approach, the electric car has always been a good partner in our daily lives.
There are a variety of electric vehicles water situation:
1、Motor water, causing spontaneous combustion
2、Controllers water, leading to short-circuit
3、Dashboard water, signal loss
4、Battery water, easy to leakage
5、Chargers water, completely scrapped
Expert Tip: The water-soaked ride out the electric car is not directly Buffett strong typhoon struck eastern China, a lot of rainfall led to severe urban waterlogging water, a lot of cars, electric cars submerged in standing water. After the water after the storm exits, many vehicle owners after retrieving, often tried to launch the vehicle can be normal, they direct driving home. Interviewed for this purpose Luyuan Electric Vehicle Technology Department senior engineer Chen Gong. Chen Gong said: a dip in the water of the electric car without professional maintenance, there is a direct riding a big security risk. Should go to regular vehicle inspection and maintenance service points, otherwise it is soaked in water, electric car battery short circuit may occur, affecting the normal driving.

Chen Gong explained that the electric car power source from the battery pack, the battery pack has a higher requirement for water, good battery market tightness to ensure no water at a certain time, there are some good performance waterproof electric car after soaking for some time still normal driving. But this car is still a security risk, the body takes a long time inside the water evaporation, in this process, once in contact with the current, extremely easy to cause a short circuit burn out the motor, the vehicle suddenly stops running may occur.
Into the water of the battery pack must be timely replacement of chemicals in contact with water, such as lead-acid battery pack will generate a lot of heat, forced discharge will lead to greater security risks.
For this reason we recommend, is water-soaked electric vehicles must be a regular point of service for maintenance, water maintenance parts must be replaced, use a long time after the vehicle has been soaked in water, the best choice for the replacement of vehicles, the protection ride line safety and efficiency.
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