Use Guide

Please obey the traffic rules, safe driving speed please controlled within a safe speed. (Note the vehicle safe speed for 20Km / h)
Before you drive, be familiar with the contents of this manual. Then, to find open space training to fully grasp the essentials of driving the car and familiar with its structure, which is the basis for safe driving.
WARNING: Press safe speed driving, to avoid accidental damage and personal vehicles.
WARNING: Do not lend or will not let unfamiliar driving personnel. Driving with one hand or Da Saba, drunk driving is very dangerous.
•    Driving rain and snow should pay more attention to safety
•    Rain and snow due to be dangerous ground supermarket! Therefore, you should avoid high speeds, the steering to be especially careful. In particular it should be remembered: rain and snow to be a brake to prevent accidents in advance!
• proper use of helmets
The suit their safety helmets when driving properly worn on the head, and fasten the belt.
• properly dressed
To wear bright colors, the body easily, not tight, do not open cuff dress, as worn low-heeled shoes.
Watch out:
• For ease of maintenance, repair and service, the company has its frame number of the vehicle and motor numbers, in order to help sell the unit to provide you with better service.
• prices numbers stamped on the car before the admittance of the lower box (part).
•    Motor number imprinted on the outside of the motor cover.
• loading should not be too heavy
Loading without loading with different sense of control of their hand, excessive loading, easy to handle dangerous fibrillation. The car's rated load for one person. Admittance box accommodating 2kg or less, excessive load occurs the greater the risk.
Watch out:
• In addition to the provisions of other parts can not be any location outside loading to avoid damage to the shield.电动机旁请勿塞放棉纱布之类物品。
(Outside Admittance box) below the seat • not misplacing items, to prevent accidents.
Check before traveling, cleaning and maintenance Please be sure to check before starting to develop the habit of regular inspection, regular cleaning, the best scrub with a soft cloth.
Watch out:
• When washing, not splashing water directly to the brake drum, motor and at the front and rear axles, in order to prevent water affect performance and longevity。
• When washing, do not use steam or high pressure hose.
Check before traveling brake, power and fasteners
Please be sure to check in with the front and rear brakes before braking effect, to ensure proper and efficient brakes.
Please double brace support in the vehicle, the rear wheel off the ground in the case, confirmed off switch normal use.
Please check the status of each axis tightened to ensure that the front and rear axle and tighten the handlebar reliable.